Community Helping the Local Businesses

Along with the big things we do, we at, have found a way to support our independent restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
We started, teaming up with industry associations, influencers, and politicians to support our independent restaurants and pubs.

Beginning September, we will launch a technology platform to help struggling independent restaurants and pubs raise alternative capital by connecting them to their community.



Here’s the plan:

  • Launch a campaign with a limited number of restaurants:
    • Our marketing specialists and strategists will work with the first round of restaurants to create fundraising campaigns
    • We will work with the selected restaurants to help them get closer to their community, and to bring new business
    • We will continuously update the product as we receive new feedback from the market and the restaurants



It all begins in September, and you can follow along on Social media at or subscribe to our mailing list on
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